Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hey Katie… how have you been?

Busy…  like crazy busy. Like I think I’m losing my brain busy.

Wow, that sounds stressful.

You have no idea.

This is the conversation I’ve been dealing with for maybe the past three weeks. A few aspects will contribute to this though.

A. I got a temporary promotion. It sounds weird and it is. I’m basically taking care of the new employees and making sure that they don’t quit. Which really isn’t working right now since a few of them left already. Like never came back. There’s a black-hole somewhere in Buffalo where my employees just fall into.

I really shouldn’t joke about that, this area has a common annoyance of nuclear problems left from people who are dumb-asses and don’t know how to take care of their waste. It’s nasty

Anywhoo, the hours are the same but I’ve gone from sitting on my ass for 8 hrs straight to walking my ass 8 hrs straight. It’s good, I think I lost a pant size already.

B. It’s the summer. During the summer, I’m usually non-existent. Most people wonder where I am, a lot.

I hide.

Seriously though, this area has 4 months of sunshine and then we all turn into evil little bastards who don’t like the world. Snow does hideous things to people.

Chilling with friends is big. I wasn’t blessed with a huge family with thousands of cousins that you need to interrogate anyone you plan on sleeping with at a party. Just in case.

So my friends are huge. Like planet huge. And they’re awesome.

C. From my last post. My mind has been in a million places at once. I’m trying to get my outlook taken care of. Not the computer system, but my outlook in life.

Have you ever questioned your existence? Like what we live for. Why do we get up each day and do the things that we do? What’s the point in some things and should we be doing more of others?

Don’t worry, I’m not joining the peace corps. But I would if I didn’t have kids.

Ya’ll will or should know that I’m at a tender age of 22. My life is just starting. And it didn’t start in the beginning like it should, the early middle was crap, so I’m trying to make sure that the rest of my days are better.

Honestly, I don’t want to be 30 and miserable. Not that being 30 is being miserable, it’s that’s the age I’m thinking “Ok, I’ve done this-this and this and this is what’s become of it. Did I do a good job?” Every decision you make today will affect you tomorrow but you can’t chance fate.

Speaking of her, she’s been sneaky lately.

In a really good way.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This blank screen has been the bareness of my existence. Words pour out of my head, but somehow can't seem to make it to paper... or this ticker.

Real emotion. Bare emotion. No hold back, looking to the heavens. It seems to never end. My heart burns sometimes, and trying to put it to paper has seemed to be the water in the sierra. Can't seem to get there yet.

Closing my eyes, hearing music. Ripping out the thoughts in my mind. But there still there at the end of the day, and somehow it feels so good.

Sleep isn't necessary, staring at the stars and realizing the world isn't so dark. Even through the darkness, there's still light. The clouds do move, the wind forces.

The stars will shine. The bareness will never end, no more. I'm done holding back.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I really need to get off my ass

Not literly... but kinda get down on my ass. Sitting in front of the computer at night has been more of a surfing the internet, thanks to stumble. There's just so much CRAP to look at. I don't think it ever ends.

Is there an end to the internet? Or is it a never ending net of stuff that keeps our minds perked. I find something that inspires me (Insert my previous post about Kidtropolis) and write about it, but then go onto the next page. Where it inspires me again.

Sometimes I find things that awe me instead of make me want to write. Eye candy of sorts, it never ends.

So being called a Versatile Blogger from Nomie is a great honor. 

The rules of this game is to nominate 15 different bloggers that you think are versatile. There are so many. Its going to take me a minute or two to pick and choose. Especially since I've been surfing the eye candy instead of writing. 

 Eye Candy... SEE???

And then I need to tell you seven random things about me...

But, because this is real life. I'm writing out of my fingers right now, not by the backspace button. I'm gonna finish watching the rest of Deadliest Catch: The last Phil episode, dry my tears and get some sleep. 

Thanks again Nomie!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If I had a million dollars...

I would build this for my baby boy. 

The rooms at Kidtropolis is something straight out of a little boy's imagination or a fairy tale book.

I spent quite a while marveling at the details of each room and the heart and soul that was put into each piece.
Everything was designed and built by Kidtropolis, nothing bought from Walmart or Ikea. Custom to your child's dream room.

Again, if I had a million dollars.

Or maybe just a really good saw and some paint?

Friday, July 9, 2010


What happens when I get bored and sick?

Like a raging ass sick which has taken over my body temporary. I need a exorcist this shit is so bad! 

I'm not gonna get into details. But the boredom has made me creative. 

Like the blog. Looks good? No?

And this..

When I get bored, I like to stick myself with needles. Lots of them, to make a pretty drawing into something that will never leave my body. 

A few more are in my mind, maybe for another day. Anyone got one on their foot? 

So yes, boredom. You do oh so much more than drunkenness.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Let's get wasted! It's for our country, damnit!

I honestly started writing a post about how the 4th of July brings families together, what kind of great food you can make, etc.etc. but I got kinda side tracked.

Yea... that's what happened. Bad, Katie, Bad.

So I'm not-so regretting it today. A little hung over and extremely hot. I think the liquor is trying to escape my body, I don't blame it really.

My best friend and her kids, her friend John and my best two guy friends, Steveo and Scottie came over for a fun-filled time. Water balloons are the best for adults kids on a 90 degree day. We changed our clothes three times, and then went for fireworks at a local middle school.

Trust me, everyone's surprised that I remember this much.

The one thing I do distinctively remember, is a bottle rocket that went horribly wrong. My thigh and lip are swollen now.

No, it wasn't in a drunken mess where I decided to light one with my teeth, that would of been funny though.

One blew up just as it left the bottle, instead of in the sky, I was the only one not coherent enough, nor fast enough, to move out of the way.

So, lessons learned:

  • Do not mix Tequila and Jack Daniels together.
  • Everything people say while your drunk makes perfect sense, no matter what they're saying.
  • My friends are the greatest in the world.
  • No more bottle rockets. We'll get the big shit next year.
I hope everyone had a happy 4th of july!