Monday, May 1, 1995

About Me

Umm… yeah. So this is me.

I’m younger than you think but not to old. Age is just a number baby, so take each day as it comes. I look at life as a journey rather than a destination. This journey is turning out to be to interesting to take some days. Fate comes as it pleases, so I don’t stop it.

Writing is my first passion in life. I can’t even count how many journals I have laying around the house, half written, doodled on ‘cause my add is disgusting sometimes.

My son is 4… going on 12. His mind is like a freakin’ rollercoaster. I love it sometimes and other times I hunt for the duct tape. Yes, it’s called DUCT tape, not DUCK tape. Unless it has duckies on it. Then it’s just cute.

The best way to describe me is to listen to Meredith Brooks “I’m a bitch”. Describes me to a T.

Also I love music. You name it. I will jam to it. 

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