Saturday, February 19, 2011


So they say.. even though I don't know who "they" are... when shit hits the fan, it spreads. The start of the new year I had a lot of dreams and wishful thinking that this bullshit would end and life would move on to normal. No. It didn't.

And I lost my job.

I didn't think it would of been huge. I'm a complete jack of all trades but quickly realized that I'm a jack in the box. A box which won't open with a crowbar and some WD40 to save it's life. Financially, I'm a mess. Emotionally, I'm a mess. But looking at the good parts of all of this, I have actually spent some quality time with my son. Deciding what I want in life and what I can get in life are two completely different things. Knowing that my family and friends are truly the best people.


I'm still looking.. and looking... and my butt got numb today sitting on the floor with the laptop at my sister's house.

It better be worth it.

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