Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crazy People

There are a lot of crazy good people out there.

Lewis Black, Tim Burton, Barack Obama (c'mon, you know he's gotta be crazy to deal with all of this!)

But there are every day crazy good people 

Courtesy of Finally Mom

Courtesy of Twenty Little Toes


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For the Honest Scrap So the rules are telling 10 lies interesting things about myself, and then pass the award along to other great bloggers.

  1. I love everything oriental. We've got my grandmother's Chinese tea napkins hung on the wall, a few Katanas and a ken-do stick (only for a deterrent, not actually used outside the bedroom
  2. As much as I'm a computer hog, I will sit in the sun for a few hours a day just for the melatonin. 
  3. Once we've started, my boyfriend and I can have a pretty good political debate. Often other people will get involved and then us yell at them. :-)
  4. I was once a hippy. Tie die shirts, hemp purse and hand made sandals. I was only 13.
  5. The new mocha frappes at McDonalds are the bomb, but honestly if I drink to many, I'll become the fattest woman.
  6. Getting me up successfully in the morning is like convincing a tiger that a nice bath is good for them.
  7. Online, I'm like Martha Stewart with organizing files, pictures, etc. Offline, I'm lucky enough to find my toothbrush.
  8. As a kid, my favorite cartoon show was Dragonball Z. Little did I know how awesome anime actually is. 
  9. I use to scrap. Like real big. But it got to costly and a lot of work. Maybe one day I'll get back into it.
  10. I'm a sop for muscle cars and muscle men. But I'm to afraid to ride either one. Hehe. 
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  1. Thank you very much Katie for the award! I am not sure if you were also calling me crazy, but hey most days it probably applies.

    Loved your ten interesting things. #10 made me laugh!

  2. You are so funny! I couldn't come up with a list of interesting things about myself to save my life.

    Thank you so much for the awards! We are all a little crazy most days and I like to thing of myself as one of the good crazy people too. You never really know though. The crazy ones never think they are all that crazy. LOL! I may just be crazyer than I think!

  3. Thank you, Katie, for the award! So nice of you & I really appreciate it! Of course we are all a little crazy, because we are all unique & there is no such thing as normal! :-)
    Love ya girl!

  4. Thanks for the award katie!!!!

  5. thank you so much for the award im so grateful to you for it and i absolutely love your blog.

  6. You are so funny! Congrats on the awards.
    I'm your newest follower from TTA!


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