Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It will never be the same...

Jumping on the bandwagon again, thanks to Natalie aka Mommy of a Monster I mean toddler and infant twins.

The classic phrases first time mother's get all the time. "You're a mama now!"  or "Oh you'll get the hang of it". And then you want to either cry or punch the person politely thank them for their thoughtfulness and assistance. We sometimes, I mean all the time, think of the things we've forgotten, lost, banished or completely went into a black hole. 

  1. You’ve completely lost your purse to tissues, hot-wheel cars, loads of candy for bribing, various McDonald’s toys, etc. Never again will you just have a cute clutch that will hold just a few things.
  2. Going to the store by yourself is like taking a trip cross country. Taking every single long side road to get there and back, taking your sweet time getting through the store. Not taking the self check out and getting behind the little old lady with 50 different types of cat food. And she has coupons!
  3. A granola bar and a huge cup of coffee is breakfast of champions.
  4. You know every Disney, Nick and Cartoon Network theme song by heart and can sing them at ANY time. Sometimes in the most inappropriate situations.
  5. You ask where the potty is.
  6. Being bored is not an luxury anymore. There’s always something to procrastinate with.
  7. You cut up your husband’s meat as well as your kids before each meal. Just in case.
  8. Doing your nails in the shower is normal weekly thing.
  9. Your feet stick to the kitchen floor… and you don’t care.
  10. Going clothes shopping eventually ends up in buying more clothes for the kids, and one piece for you.
  11. Cussing turns into a game where instead of &@$% it is now fudge. And then they ask for a fudgesicle.
  12. At work, you find yourself writing on post-it notes with crayon.
  13. You’re willing to kiss your kid’s boo-boo, no matter where it is.
  14. Cleaning the kitchen at 1am is not crazy, it’s a daily routine.
  15. At night when the house is clean, the kids are in bed and you are exhausted, you still spend 10 minutes watching the kids sleep, and thanking God for all of it.


  1. Great post. This is me except I haven't done my nails since the kids were born and I can't say I've bought an item of clothing for myself either!

  2. I'm standing on that sticky kitchen floor right now!!

    I always use kid words when I talk to adults (totally embarrassing and not something I can even control anymore)...

    You get a granola bar AND coffee? I only get the coffee ;)

    Thanks for the shout out! Glad you linked up and joined in the fun...this is my favorite meme!

  3. LOL @ Natalie - I skip the granola bar and have more coffee! ;)

    Totally feel you on the 1am kitchen cleaning.

    Great list! Found you via the link-up on Arizona Mamma's page. ;)

  4. Love the last one....I just can't get enough of seeing them sleeping, even when we've had a rough day!

    Coffee...can't live without it! I am going to try the doing nails in the shower, though.....that's one thing I just never get done!

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