Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... oh wait, this shit doesn't work.

Why is it when you're a kid, you never want to sleep. Bed-time is the forbidden zone where you fight, scream, negotiate and wrangle your way out of it. But when you're an adult, sleep is a luxury. Especially after you had those said kids who will give their souls for an extra hour out of bed. 

Of course, as an adult. We have additives in our lives that keep us awake. ie. Coffee, energy drinks, tea, cold showers, work, sex. So, ultimately, it's our own fault for not getting the correct amount of sleep that we need. 

This philosophical point comes from...

My kid not wanting to go to bed.

A thousand and two kisses and hugs, asking if he can have 2 gallons of milk, juice, water, beer. Getting up, sitting down. Going to give the cat a kiss goodnight... oh wait, he forgot to give it a hug. Then back down. Then he forgot to give the fishie a hug and kiss... and oh wait, don't forget about Aaron. And then the juice, and then the questions. 

Why is the walls white? Because they are Darrell, go to sleep. Why do we sleep? Because we need sleep to live Darrell. Why do we live? Because God gave us life Darrell, now go to sleep. Then the God questions. 

Sometimes I wish I could duct tape him to a wall.

And then I remember that's illegal and unsafe.

Then I wonder why some people are allowed to breed.

See where my kid's questions come from?


  1. hahahhaa....LOL! This picture is hilarious! I wonder about that myself though, kids never want to sleep, they don't want to miss anything that might be happening when they're in bed. Now, as an adult, I feel I never get enough sleep. Finally I got my daughter to sleep till 8am, but then we got a dog and I have to walk him every morning at 5:30am so I just stay up from there. It's an endless cycle.

  2. Sleep is precious gold for parents of inquisitive kids...especially when there are more than one of them. My kids would think the duct tape was fun...they force me to be creative. I just imagine that they are not there, and I find my zen ignoring them :)

  3. First off - that picture ROCKS!! It's hilarious, and I know there are some days that I'd consider giving it a shot! Too bad it is illegal and all ;)

    My almost 3 year old is just starting to do what you described. It's ridiculous. And then after all the milk and water, he wakes up in the middle of the night soaked. It's a pain I tell ya!

  4. I noticed you were one follower away from 100 - I just sent out a tweet on Twitter to see if we can get ya one more!! Hope it works!

  5. LOL - that picture is a classic!!

    I'm a new follower!


  6. I am soooo with you on this one! I have five fighting me at bedtime every night. The one that is the hardest for me is my 4 year old, and now that the days are getting longer he cries about how "it can't be bedtime, why does he have to go so early, look!... it's not even dark out yet!" How am I supposed to argue with logic like that?

    Found you through blog flow and am your newest follower!

  7. That is sooo funny! I remember days those days when my kids actually went to bed before me! Thanks for making me laugh!



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