Wednesday, March 24, 2010

35 Things to do this summer.

Buffalo New York is a cold desolate place in the winter time. The only thing that really keeps us going is beer and hockey. I'm not joking either. If I had to guess, 75% of people in Western New York have seasonal depression. Were miserable, freezing buffaloians who decided for some god awful reason to stay in this area where snow is falling from Halloween to Easter. But then it finally melts, which it has, the sun comes out. People get a little less homicidal and we start planning on the summer.

Our summers are our trophies sort to speak. We have a enormous amount of festivals, fairs, parks, places where we can get enough sun to look like Brook Hogan in just a few weeks.

So I decided to list some things to do this summer. Mind you, this is my own personal list. Things that I want to do with my family. If you do want to explore more, Artvoice, a local newspaper wrote an article last year 100 things to do for the summer. It's an article from 2008 but it's still valid for many reasons. I grabbed a couple that sparked my interest, and the dates on the Artvoice list doesn't apply to some of the festivals. But they're yearly, religiously even, so check it out on Google if you need to.

  1. Erie County Botanical Gardens
  2. Albright Knox Art Gallery
  3. Buffalo Zoo
  4. Buffalo Museum of Science
  5. Strong Museum of Play
  6. Erie County Fair
  7. Go to the Taste of Buffalo
  8. Buffalo Italian Festival
  9. Allentown Art Festival
  10. Eden Corn Festival
  11. Go see Toy Story 3
  12. Mudpies Childrens Museum
  13. Explore and More Children's Museum
  14. Explore a farmers Market
  15. Even better, to go a farm
  16. Have a picnic
  17. Go to a Ballgame
  18. Go Bowling
  19. Learn Yoga with the kiddies
  20. Go to the Beach
  21. Lay Beneath the stars
  22. Grow something
  23. Make a Bird Feeder.
  24. Decorate a clay pot
  25. Fly a kite
  26. Spend a day at Niagara Falls; Maid of the Mist a must.
  27. Go to a drive-in Movie
  28. Take a boat ride through the Canal Locks in Lockport
  29. Visit Graycliff
  30. Collect Fossils at PennDixie
  31. Visit Lilydale
  32. Pick your own berries
  33. Go Wine Tasting
  34. Visiting the Corning Museum of Glass
  35. Go Putt Putt Golfing

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