Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So the kid has a cold. It's a coughing, running nose, headache thing that the entire household and it seems the world has.

My work has it, so does my ex and his family, both Aaron and I have it. My best friend's kids have it. It's horrible. UGH!

So I took some medicine at work... Pamprin was the only thing I could wiggle out of people. Going around cubical to cubical asking people if they have any drugs makes me look like a loony, so I asked my favorite medicine girl. I owe her a bottle of midol from my last period though.

It did shit, absolutely shit. I was sitting there with a bigger headache but my cramps were gone! Blepf. So another girl gave me some aspirin, old school aspirin that actually said it right on the pill. I took one. Was high as a kite for like six hours. Took the other, was giggling at customers. It wasn't a bad high, I didn't see any dancing unicorns or anything, unfortunately, that would of made work a little more tolerable. But I was happy, my headache was gone and I could stand people the rest of the day.

Mind you, I didn't do this on purpose. I didn't know the reaction would be like that. I'm not intentionally getting high at work. It was an accident. Aaron will never let me do it again. Me being happy, while he's being a miserable bastard at work? Never again!

So after I got home, my baby is coughing like a 60 yr old chain smoker. I give him some meds. He hates the shit. I tell him he can have a sip of his apple juice if he takes another sip. A chaser at three? Why not. He asks me to take a sip too.

Omg. This is the most horrible crap I've ever tasted. It's like stale orange juice with lemon and something else. It tasted mediciny and disgusting.

I checked the expiration date on it, it's legit. I just bought it a few months ago before cold season hit, thank god he only really got sick once and it was a stomach bug.

Tomorrow we're going to the store and picking up better tasting shit. Because after having to swallow your snot all day from your sinuses running, you wanna taste something better to make you feel better.

He's asking for bubble gum flavor. Yummy.

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  1. Yea, they don't bother making children's meds taste good anymore. They know parents will force it down with a funnel if they gotta.

    I swear some sadist make the medicine as horrible and vile tasting as possible.


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