Sunday, March 14, 2010

Clocks Forward

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At 2:08am dis-morning, yes I am up that late, I was talking to my best friend on the phone. SUDDENLY, something horrible happens. I lose an hour of sleep. HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN? This resulted me waking up late, seeing that Aaron had to take off for an emergency, everything is in disarray.

My life is controlled by time. I'm not kidding either. I wake up at a certain time with my son, in order to get breakfast and what-not then get him over to his father's at a certain time. Then I need to be at work at a certain time. Then my work is controlled by how long I'm on the phone, when my breaks are, and then I leave at a certain time.

The only good thing about this, is that shit that's on the ground. It's white, fluffy and cold is going to be GONE in a few weeks. Yey!

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