Saturday, March 13, 2010

Little men

My son loves to draw. To paint, to create. He can sit there for hours playing with his crayola wonder pens. I honestly believe that those little markers are the best invention for mothers of young children. Especially little boys that don't like to listen.

He draws little men. He won't name them, even though I give them different names he just scolds me and tells me that it's his little man.

Darrell's inspiration doesn't stop at paper though, many times I have found him hiding behind the couch or in a corner... drawing his little men on the wall. Not all of his art supplies are color wonder. That's where Clorox is my best friend.

But today, he decided to take his men with him. Wherever he goes. Until the soap takes him away.
Good luck little men

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  1. Good that you encourage it. They always punished me in school for drawing in my own free time or punished me for "drawing wrong."


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