Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pictures.. past... trips... yey

I went and visited my best friend yesterday and took the opportunity to be a camera whore with the kids. I don't have that many of my niece and nephew, I feel guilty. Hell, I don't have that many of my son.

Thinking about it, my parents were camera whores too. I have four LARGE boxes of pictures, all of my younger childhood, my mother's entire life from beginning to end, my brother and his father. A lot of freakin' pictures. Imagine trying to catalog all of them. I gave up though, there just in boxes. Eventually I'll go through all of them and return what isn't mine.

I'm planning a trip to visit my former town of Penn Yan this summer. I go every June on my mother's D-day, I try to though. This time, I have a mission. I'm getting in touch with some of my mother's friends.... maybe I should bring the boxes... ???

Anywhoo, this was complete random post. I apologize. Enjoy the super cute pictures of the kids... and of course my son won't smile like a nice normal boy. Boys will be boys.

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