Sunday, April 18, 2010

I like Cheese

Lets start off this post by saying I like cheese.

Not just this cheese.

But this cheese.

Lets also say that I'm lactose intolerant.   BADDD!!!

Why am I talking about my intolerancy to beautiful things like ice cream, milk shakes, queso, cheese foundue? Because why do we do things to ourselves when we know that it's not good for us.

Like my glorious taco dip.. I know I shouldn't have it.. but I do. And I pay the consequences by taking a 5 1/2 minute break every ten-fifteen minutes, and having stomach pain worse than labor.


My favorite thing in the world is my taco dip... as well as buttered popcorn, yet another lactose byproduct. Ya know, I can't deal with just liking grapes and little tiny 100 calorie cookies that my son eats 3-4 of them in one sitting. Just can't deal.

Note to self: Get the cookies away from the kid.

Back to topic... so I wish I could go through life not liking cheese, milkshakes, any type of lactose product. But I can't.

 I love it, I think of it, I look at it and I WANT IT.

So I pay the consequences... and curl up in bed. Licking my fingers of buttery popcorn, and trying not to hurl.

Two things that I've got to do tomorrow that I don't want to do but I've gotta do them or pay the consequences of the ninja fighting pirates.

1. Take the kid to the doctors for shots ALONE. No one other than the poor nurse that has to be in the room sitting there looking at me like I'm a pathetic mother.

2. Go to the IRS. Which includes driving to the city... parking the car... walking with the kid into the IRS building... hoping he doesn't try to take every single piece of paper around him so he can draw... hoping he can sit still long enough so I can get this shit DONE AND OVER WITH. (5th time I've been to the building in 5 months, they know me by name).

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  1. Following your blog from MBC :) Love your writing style, and go get some Lactaid pills! Then you can enjoy all the cheese you want! I'm lactose intolerant too and cannot live without that stuff.


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