Saturday, April 17, 2010


Our land lord gave us an option to paint our living room. Given that our house was built in the late 1800’s, I’ve tried to keep with the simple country charm and our own twist on it. There’s a lot that I want to do, like have some better furniture if possible. I love my TV being on the little landing that it is… but it’s a little to minimalist/college student sometimes. Maybe spruce it up with some paint?

I love wrought-iron pieces and a lot of vintage stuff. Although my collection is just a few candle holders I’m hoping that this paint job will give me some inspiration to go bargain hunting and go to yard sales this summer.

So we’ve decided between two colors for the living room , one color for the living room. Aaron refused any red or khaki, and I wanted to stay muted as much as possible.

Like it? I do too. It’s a little darker than I had wished but the lighter colors make the room seem to cutesy. I want a posh but subtle look with not blinding my eyes.

Other things I’m changing are replacing the window valances, replacing one of the blinds that the previous tenants had destroyed, painting Darrell’s room  green or a bright blue. C’mon, it’s a kid. He doesn’t care either way. I’m going to ask him first though. Last thing is that I want is a tantrum over paint colors. Also DIYing certain pieces of furniture because I love the wood finish, but I want them to match.

So wish me luck on trying to accomplish all of this without sacrificing my sanity.

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