Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's ninja stalker trolling at it's best.

I promised Aaron I'd put this in my blog.

This is what he'll look like in 10 years.

I promise.

I lied, I didn't promise...

So I've been searching the net, like, nuts lately. So badly I decided to start a delicious account because my web browser was getting overcrowded with bookmarks. It's bad enough that the poor man has to go on a scavenger hunt for his websites let alone clicking on the wrong one and finding a blog about travel vagina.

I've found a few cool things though:

New Hair cut:

Enter your phone number, e-mail address or name and see how people can stalk you soooo easily.

This makes me want to re-decorate my entire living room:

I want it!! I want it!! I want it!! I want it!! I want it!! I want it!!
But I'd pop it to much

This is so the coffee table I'd have if I didn't have children:

And last but not least... a child can do this but I can't..

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