Sunday, April 11, 2010

The vanity of blogging

I'm not a bright person... and my old blog was VERY bright. It hurt my eyes, literly. So I changed a few things.

Spent about 3 hours on it looking for everything and changing stuff. If anyone has any suggestions, please tell me.

I know I don't get many page views with this blog, I'm really hoping that I'm not talking to myself. I haven't monetize this blog, and I don't think that I will in a while, if I ever do. So, just to let ya'll know, if you're out there... I'm certainly not in it for the money.

The whole reason for me blogging is to bear my heart out into the world and actually make my opinions be heard. There are a lot of issues with the world, and a lot of things in my head. My one specific goal is just to write. I love writing, always have and always will.

The start of this blog has made me a better writer, and I'm hoping after time it'll make me an excellent writer.

Well... here's to a new blog image and a new start with this thing.

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