Monday, April 5, 2010

Lets get back to the boobies

A recent study states that Breast Feeding can save lives and money. DUH! Does anyone realize how much formula cost??? Most people I know had gotten it on WIC, but they have to purchase it somehow, which in turn, tax payers (including those who are on WIC) pay for it. So it's just an endless cycle.

I really do understand people who can't breast feed, in the article there's this huge debate due to some mothers stating that they can't breast feed for medical reasons. That's FINE. If you can't, you can't. If you can, do it! But what about the mom's who are at home, their boobies are fine and full, and they feel uncomfortable.

The issues get narrowed down to many things. Porn in fact. How many huge breasted girls do you see in porn? And when you think of someone SUCKING on your boobie, you get a little queezy because this is your kid. I felt the same way for a while, but people need to stop. This isn't a cheap date that you're necking with on the couch, it's your kid. It's the living being that ate what you ate for nine months, and afterwards you can provide more.

How about breast-feeding in public? My friend recently told me she'd breast feed longer if she didn't get the glares for exposing her breasts in public. New York State has a topless law where women can go around topless without being criminally charged. This isn't just for strip clubs, but for breast feeding mommas and cops who are pricks. How many times have you seen a newborn in a restaurant sipping from a bottle? How many times have you seen someone breast feed at the same place?

How about breast-feeding at work? The new health care reform is putting that in stone where large employers are required to give a mother a private and comfortable spot to pump. At work now, I ask myself that question is where do we pump? I see a tiny little chair in the side of the bathroom next to a broken down urinal. The spare woman's bathroom was once a Men's room. Mind you, I'm NOT pregnant. But there are three women in my work that are. Are we allowed ample time to pump? It's not just a question of my work, but a lot of companies out there.

It's a controversial thing, I really don't understand why though. My grandmother breast fed, her grandmother before her breastfed. It's been going on not only for generations but the beginning of time. How is this so taboo now in the modern age?

The jist of it all is lets get back to basics and keep our kids healthy. Due to everything that our society gives these kids, immunizations, healthy food, good doctors, why can't we do something as mothers?

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