Monday, April 12, 2010

Lets grow!

One of the things that I want to do with Darrell this summer is grow something. Show him that if you place a seed inside of soil, take care of it, it will grow. Everything grows in this world, including him.

At my Grandmother's today we measured Darrell... he's over 3 feet tall now! My towering baby is going to grow to be probably 7 feet if this keeps up. The measurement wasn't completely accurate due to him squirming but hopefully next week at the doctors will show us his true height.

Anywhoo... this is what were gonna start on next Monday. The only thing I don't know yet is what herb to use and if my cat eats it, will it kill her? I've gotta research this a little bit more, maybe catnip?

The last thing I want is the cat rolling around dead and my son in utter agony.

Wish us luck... especially the cat.

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