Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things every renter should know

The aftermath of today has been pretty interesting but lead to me thinking of things I didn't know 24 hours ago.

  • Ponds do not belong in the basement or the lower apartment
  • Sense of urgency is when you go in outside without a bra and your kid is only in a Pull-up.
  • Showering with 2 strange men outside the door is irrelevant when you have to be at work in 1 hr.
  • Despite a fountain pouring from the ceiling, cats still will run into the basement without a bat of an eye.
  • At All times keep your bathroom clean so your not scrubbing for 45 minutes so that the plumber that looks at shit all day doesn't see your boyfriends porn under the sink/spare pregnancy test/the little area around the toilet that no one ever bothers with.
  • Even if it's RAINING in your landlords bathroom, giving the kid a sponge bath seems like a good idea but really isn't.

My landlord is AWESOME. An hour into work I receive a text message saying everything is a-okay. AND were talking about painting on Thursday. SO AWESOME!

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  1. lol! well, the plus side is now you know :)

    just wanted to drop from the MBC! and my day doesn't start till i get my vat of coffee...seriously!


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