Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's time...

My notable inability to accept that my little monster is becoming Big Foot has made me realize that we need to get on the pre-school bandwagon and start preparing for the day that I regret most of all.

He starts school.

I know that he’s going to love it, playing with kids all day, learning new things. Hell, what kid sits there and watches Life weekly and asks questions? This isn’t by my own accord either, I’d rather be watching 16 & Pregnant or Chopped.  Not listening to Opera and watching toads mate.

But am I ready? As a mother, as a woman rather who went through school tormented by her peers and made fun of until the 10th grade when I grew a pair of balls (not literally).  I don’t want my own past nightmare to be an overshadow of his big day, or the days that come after it. But I know for a fact that he doesn’t like getting laughed at, he doesn’t like getting picked on and he doesn’t like getting bullied.  I’m curious and worried about how he’s going to react that day. Praying at the same time that he doesn’t start hating school.

Tomorrow I’m taking a look at preschools, I’ve got one in mind. Head Start in my ex’s hometown. This way I can drop him off at school, and then his dad can pick him up during the day. Also it’ll be fun for Monster to see his daddy come with the Fire truck come October (Fire Prevention month!)

The other thing that bugs me…. I’m actually looking forward to doing homework again.

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