Monday, May 3, 2010

Best Moms!

With all types of celebrity and real life mothers alike being bashed out by the media, I think to myself. Where are all the good ones? The cookie making, boo-boo kissing mamas that we always thought we were. Instead there are mamas out there, new ones mind you, that take their kid into the front seat of a car and drive, have eight siblings on purpose and eat off the welfare system (literally), and exploiting their kids at every turn.

Here are some great mothers that bring some sort of sanity in the publicity, and some who are just well… really cool.

Michele Obama

Not only the coolest first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy, she’s a great mother. I imagine life at the White House is not pushy and fast paced, but more apple pie and doing homework. She’s explained her girl’s wishes, brought them to life, but still kept them at a level where they’re not spoiled.

Jane Seymour

I grew up watching Dr. Quinn Medicine woman, my mother watched it religiously. She was always an idol, something of strength and integrity.

Jennifer Garner

Through all the drama with Ben Affleck, she’s still a great mom. Never exploiting her kids for money or showing off her goods in public. She was awesome as Electra!

Liv Tyler

This is one of the few celebrity mom’s that are down to earth. At any chance, I don’t think she’d think twice about going to Walmart if she really needed to. She was wonderful in Armageddon and I love her work, it’s so great that she’s a great mom.

Julia Roberts

She’s beautiful, she’s gracious, she still makes me cry whenever I watch Step-Mom. Now, she’s a mama.


A working mother who is hilarious and straight forward with everything she says. 100% Real

Barefoot Foodie

This was literally the first family/mother blogging site I went to, and  my eyes bulged. I have never known anyone to just write, and never use the backspace button. I love her blog, you should too.

Suburban Turmoil

She’s in the Nashville Scene as a writer, a full time mama and step-mama, and a huge multi-tasker. Learn it from her.

And so SO many other woman!!!

My Best Friend

My Grandmother

Suburban Rebel Mom


Is it 5 o’clock somewhere?

My Perspective


Who do you admire as a mother in the celebrity, real and blogosphere world?

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