Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thirteen things you wish you didn't know about me

The increasing amount of viewers, followers and readers to this site (THANK YOU!!!!) wants my brain to tell you 13 things you wish you didn't know about me.

I have absolute no control over this thing.

1.)I have 2 Tattoos and counting. My best friend’s husband is a tattoo artist and I’ve been addicted for the past few years on these things. My first one was a Celtic knot on the back of my neck and the second is a sunshine similar to the band Godsmack’s symbol.

  2.)My son is named after his great-uncle, Darrell, who passed away in 2005. Then his middle name is after my father, Alan, who also passed away in 2005. I really wanted to name him Lucius after Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter but his dad wouldn’t let me.

3.) I have a problem with people chewing loudly. It completely interrupts my ability to think when people are chewing like cows. Like, if it’s bad enough, I’ll leave the room. So… I would of never of survived the renaissance age.

4.) Unless you’ve visited my Face book page, there are no real pictures of me on this blog. Why? I think I’m hideous, but mainly because I’m usually behind the camera.
 5.) I consider myself a gigantic dork. I own every Harry Potter book and movie, except for the last (Obviously). Yes, I was one of “those” people standing in line at midnight with a witch hat on. I’m also a Twilight junkie. If I ever see Robert Patterson in real life, I’m going to smack him for making Bella a vampire.

6.) My pregnancy with my son wasn’t a good one. I’m going to flat out admit it. Morning sickness up the ass and never being able to lay down without peeing myself.

7.) You know the stupid friend who sits alone in the middle of the dark watching a million Horror movies by herself, and then calling you because her cat meowed and she thinks it‘s the boogie man??? Yes, that’s me. Zombie movies are the best, but old fashion slashers are awesome.
8.)I drink coffee everyday. At least one cup. Then I substitute that with energy drinks. Mmmm… Monster. I sometimes sleep.

9.) Becoming a mama never made me leave my music of choice. Darrell often rocks out in the back seat to Disturbed and Slipknot. And we have a on going argument who the band is for the Iron Man song. HE thinks it’s Metallica, but I KNOW it’s Ozzy!!!

10.) My best friend is a carnie aka Carnival Worker. She travels, puts up and tears down carnival rides. Also, she’s a bad-ass mama. I love her and her family to death. 

 11.) My family is small, but loving. We’ve lost a lot of family members along the way but it’s all made me realize blood is strong, but love is stronger.

12.) I like cats. A lot. If it wasn’t for Aaron, I’d be the freaky cat lady living with each one named and a birthday. Rayne does have a birthday but if I had my way, it’d come with catnip cake and birthday hats.

13.) Ok, so by now I've probably scared everyone off.. I’m a tattoo, dorky mom who listens to metal music. I don’t wear all black!!!! And Emo kids piss me off. I want to hug them just to make ‘em squirm.

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  1. hahaha. Thanks for sharing :) It's great getting to know you :)


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