Friday, May 7, 2010

The waters are settled, so let's bring on the rain.

The past week the devastation in Nashville has shocked the east coast. Thousands of families are without homes, businesses have been destroyed, people lives have been lost. 

Now it's time for the world to put on it's rain boots and start helping. 

Suburban Turmoil is one of our own. Her family, friends and neighbors need our help. She's donating gift cards to the flood victims. So start searching your closets, wallets, old purses, anything you have laying around. Go to Walmart for christ-sake and get a gift card for 20 bucks. That's a pair of jeans and some toothpaste that some one doesn't have right now. Basic necessities that people are missing due to this tragedy.

Table for 3 has listed a few more websites and also has ton more pictures.

So get off of my blog, yes I am encouraging this, and help!


  1. Thanks for spreading the word as well!! It is so sad to know that these families are going through this!!

  2. Thanks for all the information! I will be passing it on!


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