Saturday, May 15, 2010

I didn't know that 1-800-Collect still existed

Apparently after all of the social groups (Facebook, Myspace, the INTERNET) I've joined over the past 6 11 years I have to pay to have someone talk to me.

It's like, but worse. You have to pay to see one of the little turds who made fun of you for being overweight in High School to say sorry. Because now they have gained 21354688564163 pounds and know how hard it is to get that weight off.

Nevermind the fact that I like Ho-Hos. And cookies.

My diet regime is going sooooo well. I'm personally taking care of the vending machine's weekly profit. Such a responsible employee I am.

The dating sites and I have a problem with each other. Back when I needed help meeting people either because I couldn't look a man in the eye, or he was just staring at my chest... I tried it once. It was ridiclous. What happened to the good 'ol fashion going to the bar, getting drunk, having a one night stand and then realizing that this person is your soul mate.

Because they pulled your hair back for you.

I'm not kidding either! That's how my parents met. At the Red Rooster in Penn Yan, NY. Except my mother didn't get hammered off of jello shots and my dad didn't pull back her hair.

They were still soul mates.

So paying for people to talk to you... it's stupid. It's corporate America, and it's stupid.

But I'm still itching to see who left me a message.

Skinny bitches.

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  1. Personally, I think it's kinda weird too. I think it should still be left up to fate, not that I really believe in fate, but I do believe all things happen for a reason and you shouldn't force your own future. Although, I do have to say that my mother recently signed onto a dating site for the first time ever. Her husband of 13 years passed away four years ago so she was pretty hesitant and not expecting much. I was proud of her though. And she went on a few dates and now she has found a special someone who she is seeing exclusively. They met in person and have gone on many dates and talk on the phone and stuff on a daily basis. He is meeting the family next month and they are now talking about marriage next year. So, sometimes it does work out :)


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