Monday, May 24, 2010

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I’m not really sure if I should post this.

It’s pretty damned disgusting.

Ok… I’m going to link it back, so I don’t wreck havoc on everyone’s readers.


It’s a chicken wing. I live in Buffalo, NY. It’s a daily thing here.

But if you notice on top of it…


Yes… feathers.

I called the pizza place, shaking on the phone. If you recognize the place by the box, this happened in the one in Hamburg not Orchard Park. I've been going to the one in O.P. since I was seven.

Never in my LIFE have I come across this.

If I had bitched harder then it would have been bad.  But I didn’t. I know how it is in food service, sometimes things go unnoticed. It was 90 degrees in Western NY today, we’re not use to the heat.




  1. Hey Katie, How are you doing?
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  2. ewwww!
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  3. That is SO disgusting!! Did you get your money back at the very least??

  4. 5 dollars off our next visit. I knew it could of been more but it's a local business. Mistakes happen and I don't want to take away from the owner.

    If it was pizza hut or something, ooohhh yea.


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