Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lord of the Fish

Never would I have thought that shopping for a fish and getting it home would be like getting the ring back to Mordor.

Chrissy and I landed at Pet-co after leaving the boys behind with our friend Scott.

Mikey's nickname is Ketchup-boy for a reason.

After wandering the place for it seemed like an hour but it was only 15 minutes. I finally decided on which tank to get, which gravel and what I needed for this.

We (I brought her along for a reason people!) decided on the Tetra Water Wonders tank. It’s easy to put together and easy to maintain. A 1.5 gallon to be exact.

The one major thing I got pissed off on regarding this entire process was how much LACK of help there was from the employees. I had to track down someone to get me a fish, I specifically asked some basic questions. And I got LAUGHED at.

How many fish can go in this fish tank?

*evil laughter*

It looks like on the box there can be 6 or 7 little ones.

The picture is bullshit.

Well what about a goldfish?

How many we’re you thinking?

So the chosen one was the twin-tailed gold fish. Simple, big, something that can be easily replaced without the knowing of a little one.

I asked the guy how long can they last in the baggie? He said about 45 minutes.

Chrissy decided to be her carnie self, which I adore and love about her. HAD to mention the little fishie stand at the carnival. Those poor things! Half of them are dead by the end of the day because of being in the bags for so long.

So I reconsidered but decided to keep going.

We ended up going to Walmart for a good 20 minutes.

 (WTF is with customer service nowadays? It took me another 10 minutes to ask someone where the necklace chain extenders were. Ending up finding out that they were all out and had to buy a cheapo necklace for the extender. Didn’t realize it was a Twilight-Werewolf charm necklace until I got to the checkout. SCORE!)

Fish is still alive after trip to Walmart.

Ended up staying until 10pm at Chrissys after getting dinner and calming down the boys.

The best part is Darrell’s face when he saw it. I haven’t seen him that happy in a LONG time.

 Getting this kid to smile without a funny face is like pulling teeth.

We transplanted it into a mini fish bowl for the short time we were there. Meanwhile, Darrell didn’t move at least 5 feet from “Diego”. He SWEARS it’s a he-she. Seeing him kissing the bowl and telling the fish how much he loved him made it to one of those levels. Making sure the fish was still okay, checking on it every 5 minutes. 

Then the 45 min ride home from Lockport and the mini-hotel stay in the bathroom so Rayne doesn’t EAT the thing

“Diego” is alive and well.


  1. Since I just have a baby I have no experience with fish and kids, but you still have my wishes for many happy days with your fish! Mine always died. :)

  2. Whew! The adventures of fish owning!
    Happy TTA!

  3. Great adventure story! The look on his face is priceless. Good luck with the fish.

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  5. Awwww, how cute! Diego - I like it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm your newest follower!


  6. So cute, our little guy has a fish too and he loves it. He loves to watch it and feed it.

    Emily @ http://456eleven.com


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