Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thirteen Thursday- Blogging Rocks

Ok… it’s 11:43pm here and Thursday isn’t over.

I am so not cheating.

13 reasons why blogging is rocks my socks!

1. We get to speak our mind without look at people in the eye. It so helps.
2. It truly gets us away from the kids. Computer coma is great.
3. F-ing around with your blog page is more stressing than trying to design the white house dining room but it’s so worth it.
4. You can totally put some picture of yourself up on here to make you look hot and wild. But you’re actually a strung out mom drinking coffee out of the pot.
5. Reading blog posts where woman are pissed off at someone are better than watching a soap opera. It gets better at each comment.
6. Learning about different products and how much some of them suck. I wish I did this three years ago.
7. It’s like a 24/7 party and it never ends.
8. You don’t have to drag around a huge wad of pictures with you to show off your kids. Just click post!
9. Never in my life have I learned so much about html. And it rocks to the point where I’m thinking about doing this for a career.
10. You
11. Girls
12.  Are



  1. I like your new layout!! Who did it?

  2. Love it! This is so true! I also love your background and your little coffee design picture in the corner. Too cute!

  3. VERY VERY cute blog! I am now following.


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