Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm a complete moron

So I'm totally the type of person to be the last one to notice that there's a party going on.

It could be right across the street, a dozen invitations stuck underneath my door, and I'm obliviously eating chips and dip watching a Ghost Hunters marathon.

And I never have anything cute to wear.

But I'm joining this one.

Here's some of my best worst material. Check it out if you dare. 


  1. Stopping by for the party. :)

    I can't believe they expected you to pay to see who signed your book. DID you? Tell me you didn't? :)

    I look forward to looking around more!


  2. I am following you from MBC.
    Pls. follow me, when you get a chance.


  3. Hi Katie! I'm stopping in from the D-List party. I read your "About" section and I think we should be friends. I am also a sarcastic caffeine addict. Sarcasm is what keeps me sane most days. :-)


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